The Apple Watch: Cool, but too close to being a computer implant for my taste

Screen shot of the Apple Watch webpage

Screen shot of the Apple Watch webpage

So if the hype is accurate, the Apple Watch is the Next Big Thing in digital gadgetry. According to the product descriptions, it’s basically a mini-computer that doubles as a wristwatch.

I’m betting that the Apple Watch will be very popular. Once it creates a new market for watches that do everything except walk and chew gum — and Apple has a knack for creating new markets — it will spawn many imitators as well. (Surface Watch, anyone?)

While I own my share of Apple devices, I’m gonna take a pass on this one. When it comes to smaller e-gadgetry, I’m already ambivalent about cellphones, to put it kindly. Especially if I’m not traveling, many days can go by without my bothering to check my smartphone. To me, the Apple Watch seems to be only a step or two away from surgically implanting computers into our brains.

I know this is an overreaction from a 50-something who now sounds like a Luddite. But I’m really not anti-technology. I’m on my computer for hours each day. And hey, I do write two active blogs. It’s just that personally speaking, there’s a point at which the gadgetry is too close to becoming a part of me, literally and figuratively.

As for my friends who are drooling to get their paws on an Apple Watch, I do get it, because that’s how felt about the iPad. I would go into Apple stores and play with the machines there, while trying to convince myself that so long as laptops were around, these tablet thingies would be expensive indulgences at best. My thriftier instincts lost out, however. Fortunately the iPad would prove to be much more than a plaything, and now it often goes wherever I go.

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  1. Sharon Franklin Driscoll | Reply

    Dear Professor Yamada. As a member of the Gen Joneser generation, I was surprised to see that you did not mention Dick Tracy’s watch! Apple is just copying something we have known about all our lives. Well, I am off to buy a yellow trench coat and hat! Bye.

    1. Sharon, I had completely forgotten about the Dick Tracy watch! (Then again, I wasn’t a big cartoon guy….)

      1. Sharon Franklin Driscoll

        Need I remind you I married someone who enjoys comic books?

      2. Which by both nature and nurture rubbed off on the boys, as they demonstrated to me during our visits to Newbury Comics when you guys shipped them off for their Boston visits!

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