75 reasons you may be a Gen Joneser


1. You know what happened on “a three hour tour” (and can finish the theme song!).

2. You got annoyed when corn kernels spilled into the dessert compartment of your TV dinner.

3. You first knew of John Glenn as an astronaut.

4. You know that Laura Petrie came before Mary Richards.

5. You were ecstatic to have access to an electric typewriter to do your term papers.

6. You looked at beaches differently after seeing “Jaws.”

7. You were a member of the Columbia House Record and Tape Club.

8. You’ve flown on a four-engine propeller passenger plane.

9. You remember baseball before the designated hitter.

10. You know Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty.

11. You remember, as a kid, simply “going out to play.”

12. You once got all excited about the new frontiers of FM radio.

13. You held back tears during the premiere of “Brian’s Song.”

14. You know the difference between a flash cube and a flash bulb.

15. You know that “Have it your way” is not to be confused with As You Like It.

16. You huddled under your covers while reading “‘Salem’s Lot.”

17. You can finish from memory the song that starts with “Doe, a deer, a female deer…”

18. You know that Felix and Oscar were just apartment mates, though Felix might’ve given you pause.

19. You recall how “You’ve come a long way baby” was used to sell cigarettes to women, and you remember the tune!

20. You owned Silly Putty.

21. You understand the brilliance of “Tapestry” by Carole King.

22. You lobbied your mom to buy a new product called “Buitoni’s Instant Pizza.”

23. You’ve literally dialed a phone number.

24. You debated the merits of Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo (“Lots of curves, you bet…”).

25. You know why CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News together don’t add up to one Walter Cronkite.

26. You know that Dr. J came before Air Jordan.

27. You associate “There’s got to be a morning after” with a sinking ship (not the Titanic).

28. You know which President was a peanut farmer.

29. You remember the battle over the Equal Rights Amendment.

30. You remember how the arrival of a Baskin Robbins ice cream store in your neighborhood was an event.

31. You first laughed at Flip Wilson’s jokes listening to an LP album.

32. You now get hives at the thought of “Seventies music.”

33. You now start twitching when you think about “Seventies television.”

34. You woke up early on Saturday mornings, in breathless anticipation of your favorite cartoon shows.

35. You recognize the names Hoss, Little Joe, and (wincing…) Hop Sing.

36. You had an ant farm or Sea Monkeys.

37. You know who used the Cone of Silence.

38. You got all excited about the Bicentennial.

39. You had a Bobby Sherman poster in your room.

40. You had that Farrah Fawcett poster in your room.

41. You remember when yogurt was considered kind of exotic.

42. You remember when acupuncture was considered extremely weird.

43. You watched the grainy live video of the first moon landing.

44. You once filled your car with leaded gasoline.

45. You know that “Fischer v. Spassky” was not a lawsuit.

46. You were just a tad too young to fully grasp all those protests during the 60s.

47. You debated the merits of Davy Jones vs. David Cassidy.

48. You’ve ingested Jiffy Pop, Space Food Sticks, and Tab.

49. You used mimeographed and ditto master handouts in grade school.

50. You watched an American President resign on national TV.

51. You’ll take Olivia Newton-John over any of today’s pop tarts.

52. You get all of the jokes in the movie “Airplane!”

53. You read Tiger Beat magazine.

54. You read Mad Magazine.

55. You made Creepy Crawlers and ate ’em.

56. Your first understanding of death came out of JFK’s funeral.

57. You remember Howard, Frank, and Dandy Don.

58. You know why Leno, Letterman, and Conan together don’t add up to one Johnny Carson.

59. You know that “Got to Be There” came before “Thriller.”

60. You read My Weekly Reader and Ranger Rick magazines in grade school.

61. You debated amnesty for draft resisters.

62. You know that Shirley Chisholm came before Hillary Clinton.

63. Your head automatically starts playing the music from “Charlie Brown Christmas” every holiday season.

64. You daydreamed of owning all the toys in the Sears Wish Book catalog.

65. You regard the theme song from “Hawaii Five-0” as one of the best of all time.

66. You sent away for stuff advertised in comic books.

67. You rank Ball Four as one of the greatest and funniest sports books ever.

68. You played lots of board games with friends and family.

69. You have (possibly vague) memories of cities rioting.

70. You rooted for Billie Jean King or Bobby Riggs (but not both!).

71. You thought that quotes from the TV show “Kung Fu” were so profound.

72. You wrote and received real handwritten letters from friends and family.

73. You skipped watching “That 70’s Show” because it was too been there, done that.

74. You can explain, even today, the sibling rivalry between Marcia and Jan.

75. You easily can add a half dozen of your own items to this list!


If you can say YES to more than half of the items on this list without using Google or Wikipedia, there’s a darn good chance that you’re a card-carrying American member of Generation Jones!

Please feel free to add your own in the comments!

(And for those wondering about any of these pop culture references, searches on either of those two online sources will fill in the details. I fully concede that this list favors those who watched too much television as kids!)

Gilligan’s Island image: Wikipedia

9 responses

  1. Wow, it’s a little frightening to nod at so many those items listed. Thanks for the romp down memory lane.

  2. Can say yes to almost every one. But you a clearly a little younger than I. I was fascinated when one of my kids bought Tiger Beat in the airport recently. Flashed back to when Herman and the Hermits were on the cover.

  3. Oh. My. It’s as if you were there, watching me grown up! Sea monkeys–haven’t thought about them in years.

  4. Yep. And I can do the 50s and 60s too.

  5. Mr. Potatoe Head, Twister, When color TV first came out and it was very lime green and hot pink, filing up with gasoline on odd/even days, watching the lottery for the Vietnam War on TV and wondering if all the 8 boys who lived across the street would have to go to war, seeing the Beatles the first time on Ed Sullivan show, watching Nixon’s stepping down speech on TV, we talked about the apollo trips and i appreciated when someone commented that the TV would roll into the classroom! yes. monkeys-partridge family-laugh in with ruth buzzy and goldie hawn, ohhhh the Mod Squad!! Pete Linc and Julie! They were Cool. Mary Poppins. Doctor Pepper, Coppertone…sunscreen stopping at 6!! Slurpies at 7/11. ……

    1. I didn’t care if we were watching a test pattern, rolling the TV into the classroom was always something to look forward to!

      I wonder how many innocent potatoes gave their lives to become Mr. Potato Head for a day.

  6. Pixie sticks, frozen Charleston Chews, fluffernutter, the hand-held football game where you had to click your thumb over and over again to run, shirts that had a flap on the chest that was a different color (available at Chess King), the Michael Jackson glove, Puma Clydes, the Sugar Hill Gang on vinyl, Run DMC

    1. Thanks for the additions! Gosh, we played that hand-held football game to death in college. It sucked up a lot of time that could’ve been spent studying or goofing off in other ways!

  7. These are so true, insightful list (though disagree on the music and TV shows – loved them, still do).
    My additions would include:
    Atari Pong
    Betamax (my dad supposedly had the first in the county, ha)
    Painter pants
    New-fangled frozen salad/dessert with Jell-O, Cool Whip & any canned fruit
    Jello 1-2-3 layered dessert (does anyone else remember this?)
    “You bet your sweet bippy” or 1,000 phrases from Laugh-In
    Doing the Pony in grade school; doing the Hustle in college

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