Regrets, we’ve had a few has put together a visual feature, The Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret:

Everyone goes through life experiencing enough mistakes and resulting damage that, by the time they are old enough, they have regrets. They say hindsight is 20/20 and when you look back at your life you will know what moments you should have changed. However, we want to help you out. Forget hindsight. We’ve compiled a list of the 37 things you must not do or else you will definitely regret them at the end of your life. Just read through these and trust us. It’ll be worth it.

Here’s a sampling of the 37:

  • “Not traveling when you had a chance”
  • “Not quitting a terrible job”
  • “Spending your youth being self-absorbed”
  • “Not volunteering enough”
  • “Neglecting your teeth”
  • “Working too much”
  • “Never taking a big risk (especially in love)”
  • “Not spending enough time with loved ones”

There’s stuff on the list that may resonate with people of different age groups. It’s an easy but thoughtful feature. Take a look and ask how many of these items apply to you!

And by the way, there’s at least one item relating to music, so you might click on the video of Sinatra crooning “My Way.” We may have missed seeing him in concert, but thanks to YouTube, CDs, and MP3s, we can still enjoy his great performances.

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