Gen Jonesers: Are you more Boomer or Gen Xer?

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Generation Jones is a “generation within generations,” made up of folks born between 1954 and 1965, i.e., late Boomers and early Gen Xers. A main premise behind the Gen Jones concept is that those of us who fall within those birth years, on the whole, had a very different set of framing events and experiences during our formative years than those of the more well-defined generations that sandwich us.

Writing for the excellent Next Avenue site, Liza Kaufman Hogan discussed the differences between Boomers and Gen Xers. Many readers here will find her contemplations of interest, but what really caught my attention was her 11-question quiz, “Gen X or Boomer? Which Are You?” (go to her article, scroll down for quiz). Your responses will give you a score that places you somewhere on the Gen X/Boomer spectrum.

I scored a 37. This puts me in the middle, a classic Gen Joneser!

Even this fun little diversion gets me thinking how, from a pop culture standpoint alone, the music we listened to, the television shows we watched, and stories on the nightly news coverage we followed in the 1970s were quite a contrast from those of the preceding and following decades.

Vive la différence, right? Take the quiz and find out where you stand!

9 responses

  1. I stopped after the first question about “I want my MTV”. My option was not available. It made me think of a song.

    1. The quiz is no longer available, but I suspect I’d have had the same response to that question! lol I’m curious to find these GenJones quizzes, though.

  2. I scored 19–true Boomer, even though I was born in your Gen Jones range (1955). I didn’t know how to answer some of the question (who is Justin Timberlake, anyway?) so that might’ve skewed the outcome.

    1. Kerry, although I know he’s some kind of performer, that’s as much as I know about Justin Timberlake!

  3. I scored a 29, a True Boomer. I was born in 1960 but have an “old soul.” I, too, don’t have a clue who Justin Timberlake is. I’ve heard the name and know that he is a celebrity but I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if he is a movie star, tv star or a music star. Now I know a little more due to the nature of the answer choices.

    1. Another member of the “Who is Justin Timberlake?” Club!!!!

  4. I scored 39. It was an entertaining quiz and made me long for PAC MAN! I was born in 1956 but I seem to enjoy the best of Generation X and Baby Boomers. Fortunately, I lost the urge to like say like, like all of the like time (oops, just regressed).

    1. Yes, with a score of, like, 39, you’re definitely in the Gen Joneser range!

  5. I was born in 1967 but identify strongly with Generation Jones

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