Remembering blizzards of yore

Jamaica Plain, Boston, February 2013 (Photo: DY)

Jamaica Plain, Boston, February 2013 (Photo: DY)

Big parts of the country are facing heavy snowfalls and blizzard-like conditions right now. My home in Boston is among them, though I’m managing to avoid it because I’m out of town. Regardless, weather like this does push my memory buttons, thinking back to blizzards of days gone by.

Of course, I don’t have to think back far at all to reach the last blizzard, a blast that hit Boston hard last February. I took the photo above the night of the heavy snowfall, just steps from my small condo building. It was kinda fun to be out that night, and I was among a number of hearty souls (including canine ones) reveling in the snow.

The next day, folks were shoveling out of the mess. Fortunately my beloved City Feed & Supply Store, about a 30-second hike from my home, was open to sell provisions, including coffee and hot chocolate:

City Feed & Supply, Jamaica Plain, Boston, February 2013 (Photo: DY)

City Feed & Supply, Jamaica Plain, Boston, February 2013 (Photo: DY)

Three years ago, I was spending Christmas with my cousins in New York when a blizzard hit. We had a great time, including a Broadway performance of La Cage Aux Folles where a spirited cast delivered their best to a half filled house. Here’s midtown Manhattan during the heaviest snowfall:

Midtown Manhattan, December 2010 (Photo: DY)

Midtown Manhattan, December 2010 (Photo: DY)

But big snowstorms experienced as an adult may not compare to their magical quality when you’re younger — especially if it means schools closing!

I remember the blizzard of 1967 that hit Northwest Indiana and other parts of the region. Our Aunty Elaine was visiting from Maui, Hawaii, and she got a proper (if reluctant) introduction to a midwestern winter! Anthony Diaz produced and posted to YouTube this snippet of a longer video on the blizzard:

My brother Jeff and I were grade schoolers then, and if I recall correctly, it meant no school for a week!

I also remember the huge blizzard that overwhelmed America’s Midwest and Northeast in 1978, including the NW Indiana area. I was an undergraduate at Valparaiso University, and the campus was buried by the accumulation.

Most of those affected by the current weather will know by tomorrow morning what this storm has wrought and the full degree of inconvenience attached to it. In any event, keep warm and safe, and enjoy the sights.

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  1. How clever of you to be out of town for this one! Although, as long as one is home and safe and warm, a blizzard can be a lot of fun.

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